Pupil Voice

Pupil Voice at our school is extremely important which is why we have pupil leaders in each class, representing their classes’ interests so that we can provide a whole school learning experience that matches our children’s interests.

House Captains (Y6) and Shadow House Captains (Y5) lead the way. The House Captains help to train the Shadow House Captains so that they have the skills and experience to be better leaders when in Year 6.

Eco Warriors make sure that the whole school considers the impact of their actions on the environment and finds ways for our pupils to be responsible and respectful of our own environment whether it be at school, within our community or across the world!

Sports Leaders work hard to encourage all the children to participate in a sport that will increase their health and wellbeing. They plan Sports Day with the PE Curriculum Leader, review After School Clubs and how we can increase participation through selecting sports that the pupils want to learn and make sure that we have resources that the pupils say they want.

Our Arts Leaders look to increase the opportunities for pupils to participate in art, drama, music and designing.

All our pupils are Collective Worship Leaders so the role of Collective Worship Coordinator is to look for ways to improve Collective Worship.

Play Leaders ask the pupils about play time equipment. Have we got what they want? Is there enough equipment? Are pupils happy at break times? What could make it even better?

Digi-leaders are on hand during computing lessons but also help to organise the resources and report back requests or issues to the Computing Curriculum Leader.

Our pupil Health and Safety Officer reports to each class, encouraging them to keep their classroom tidy and free of trip hazards.

Reading Champions promote the love of reading in their classes in many ways. For example, they might introduce the class to new new books in school, ask for reviews of books read or help to plan exciting events such as World Book Day.


““Not many people signed up for after school multi sports club which is a club that we usually enjoy so we asked what everyone wanted instead and they said ‘Dodgeball’. 22 children came along and loved it!”

— Sports Leaders


““I choose two books. Then the class votes for the story that they like the best. We count up the votes and then Mrs Higgins or Mrs Langford read our favourite one.

— Reading Champion