Catch Up Premium

The government announced that all schools would receive additional funding - £80 per pupil spread across the year - in order to put in place support to make up for lost learning during the pandemic. Click here for DfE information: DfE Catch-up premium

Our vision is that we ‘Go the extra mile’ in order to to enable all our pupils to achieve their full potential and in doing so we have created a plan to achieve this outcome. Our catch-up premium plan includes information about the learning areas that we are focusing on and also how we are addressing the children’s learning gaps. We will monitor the efficacy of the strategies implemented and review the plan in order to ensure that the money spent has the greatest impact on learning.

Catch Up Premium Plan

Ofsted carried out a series of interim visits in September and October as schools reopened in order to understand the effects of lockdown across England Ofsted findings and demonstrates why the catch-up premium plan is so important:

COVID-19 series:briefing on schools October 2020