Curriculum Cycle A 2021 - 2022           Curriculum Cycle B 2022 - 2023


Whole School Curriculum Intent

As two Church schools, we recognise, value and celebrate the individuality of all our children and their role within our school community. Our curriculum reflects our children’s interests and needs. Our philosophy is that children need to acquire knowledge and develop skills in order to be successful learners and achieve their full potential. Our curriculum develops resilient, independent and curious learners who are respectful of others and who live by our Christian Values.

Our curriculum includes opportunities to:
  • Demonstrate our Christian Values of Courage, Compassion, Trust, Friendship, Wisdom and Endurance that safeguards and promotes the wellbeing of all
  • Prepare every child for their future and teach them the skills that enable them to be active participants in the world around them
  • Promote equality of opportunity and diversity by ensuring that the curriculum is accessible for all our learners and reflects the global community
  • Enrich children’s learning through memorable experiences
  • Use pupil voice in the curriculum design

We enable our parents and carers to support their children’s learning in an informed and confident manner.

The agreed key components of the school’s curriculum are to ensure:
  • National Curriculum coverage.
  • A quality skills progression throughout the year.
  • A high knowledge base through all subjects.
  • Enquiry based learning to develop independent learning and transferable skills
The key skills to be developed throughout the teaching of the curriculum:
  • Research skills, critical thinking
  • Quality writing and self-expression
  • Knowledge and understanding of the people, places and cultures around us.  

There is a consistent curriculum structure that makes planning, implementation and assessment consistent for all staff.

Sex and relationships and drugs education are taught throughout the school, as part of science lessons and PSHE lessons. The RE curriculum is based on a locally agreed syllabus.


We teach a broad and balanced curriculum. Click HERE to see the National Curriculum.  We add to this by enriching the learning with extra opportunities for sport, outdoor learning which includes science and the performing arts.

In computing lessons, we aim to develop digitally confident children who are able to utilise a range of technology in order to: make new learning discoveries; present and publish their work; code and develop their own apps and games; and recognise and deal with potential e-safety risks and problems they may encounter.