Admission Arrangements

Applications for primary school places, where a child is attending school for the first time, are managed to a national timetable. 

The admission process is known as the 'Normal Admissions Round' and is co-ordinated between local authorities across England. This means that parents must apply to the local authority where they live, even if they're applying for schools in another area.

If you're applying mid-way through a school year, there's a separate process that needs to be followed.


Admissions Guide: 

West Berkshire Council provides an admissions guide for parents each year which details how to apply for a primary school place, and explains how each school will prioritise each application using the over-subscription rules.



Applications can be made from 1st September using the online application form. Applying online is the best route to take, as you'll get a receipt when you submit your application, and you'll find out which school has been offered on the offer day instead of waiting for the post. The closing date for applications is the 15th January. Go to the West Berkshire Admissions website by clicking HERE. You will be able to access all information, forms and the online application process and also the appeals process.


Appeals process:

Making an appeal for a school place

You may decide to appeal against an admission decision for a school place.  You should read all the information available before submitting an appeal and also be aware that some schools already teach in classes of 30 which is the maximum allowed. An appeal for such a school is classified as an  Infant Class Size Appeal and will normally only be successful if it can be proven that a mistake has been made and your child would have been offered a school place if the application had been processed correctly.