Art & Design

Art and Design Curriculum Statement

Curriculum Cycle A 2022 - 2023       Curriculum Cycle B 2023 - 2024


At Chaddleworth St Andrews and Shefford Federated Schools we believe art and design is an important part of our broad curriculum and should stimulate children’s imagination and creativity. At our school the children will be given opportunities to experiment and create a variety of their own works of art. All children are given opportunities to develop their artistic skills as well as working with a variety of media. Children’s interest will be captured through links made in a cross curricular way giving them more motivation and meaning to their learning. Throughout the years the children’s experience will be enriched by finding out about famous artists and use that to inspire their own work as well as learning about the different styles used to evoke an emotional reaction to art.



Art will be taught every other half term and in a progressive way with children building on their skills year by year becoming more proficient in drawing, painting and sculpting skills. They will be given the opportunity to produce work that is creative and imaginative and will use sketch books to develop skills and record their ideas. Children will be given the opportunity to learn about a variety of artists with different styles and be given the chance to analyse and evaluate works of the artists using subject specific language.

Class teachers will plan and teach the lessons using a variety of methods suitable for the age and class. Our whole curriculum is developed to enable all children, irrespective of background, ability or additional needs, to be given the chance to develop and be the best that they can possibly be.



By the time children leave Chaddleworth St Andrews and Shefford Federated Schools they will:

  • Draw confidently from observation, memory and imagination
  • Have experimented with a variety of mediums
  • Use different styles and techniques to create their own works of art
  • Have a knowledge of a variety of artists and their styles
  • Be able to reflect on, analyse and critically evaluate their own work and that of others
  • Use artistic language to describe works of art
  • To express their own opinions and feelings about different art styles or specific works of art
  • Recognise the joy of art – the creating, the feelings and the interests of the wide mix of art forms