Design & Technology

Curriculum Cycle A 2022 - 2023 Curriculum Cycle B 2023 - 2024


Curriculum Statement


At Chaddleworth St Andrews and Shefford Federated Schools we offer children a Design and Technology curriculum that enables them to be creative through the process of design and making. The children will be given opportunities to design and make a variety of products by combining these skills with knowledge and understanding. Their interest will be captured through links made to other areas of the curriculum, our termly topics as well as everyday life, giving them more motivation and meaning to their learning. Throughout the years the children will use and apply knowledge from other subjects such as science, maths, art or computing when completing DT projects. Evaluation is a key component of DT and the children will be taught to evaluate and improve or adapt their product, which is a key life skill.



DT will be taught every other half term and in a progressive way with children building on their skills year by year. All teaching of DT should follow the design, make and evaluate cycle. Each stage will be carefully directed and underpinned by the required technical knowledge. When designing, children will be given a set of design criteria, have free choice to select the most suitable materials and tools, make their product and then evaluate against the original design criteria. All children will have the opportunity to explore sewing and textiles, cooking and nutrition, electrical and mechanical components, pneumatics, moving parts and mechanisms and the use of different materials.



By the time children leave Chaddleworth St Andrews and Shefford Federated Schools they will:

  • Be able to work both independently and collaboratively as part of a group
  • Be able to carry out research and ask questions to produce a product for a specific user
  • Be able to show initiative, adaptability and think critically in each step of the process
  • Use materials carefully and responsibly
  • Safely work with tools
  • Have a thorough knowledge of a variety of tools and their uses
  • Be able to apply mathematical knowledge and skills when measuring
  • Produce products safely and hygienically