Introduction to the classes


Hello! We are the Robins class (EYFS) and the children in our class are 4 and 5 years of age.

We have three adults in our class who help us throughout the week with our learning journey: Mrs Higgins, Mrs Brown and Mrs Langford.

We have Maths and Phonics learning every day. We are really lucky because on a Monday afternoon, Mystery Monday, we have a person who comes in at the end of the day to read us a story….we don’t know who it is until they arrive! We know that the people who come in to help us are safe because we trust that Mrs Stephenson and the governors keep us safe at school. If a visitor isn't wearing a badge we ask them who they are and tell a teacher.

We have a really big outside area where we learn and play. We wanted to perform on stage so one of the dads came and made us a proper stage and now we have a microphone, instruments, make our own costumes and tickets and often perform plays and concerts!

Some of us enjoy climbing so we have climbing wheels, tyres and planks and we design and make our own climbing and balancing routes. The main playground has a road track all around the edge and we often get the balancing bikes out to race around the track – we do lots of balancing, even on the new adventure playground on the main field we do balancing! Every week we go on a welly walk. We have visited Great Shefford, Chaddleworth and Trindledown Animal Farm, all local areas. We do cooking every Friday and have made our own butter and bread, cupcakes, cheesy crackers, Christmas puddings and even Welsh cakes for St. David’s Day.

Learning is fun here and we love it!


Hello! We are the Kingfisher class. Our class includes children in
Year 1 and 2

We have three adults in our class. Our teacher is Mrs Harris and we are very lucky to have Mrs Dale and Mrs Stephens who help us to learn too.

We have an indoor / outdoor area where we can play and extend our learning. We can also share the Robins' outdoor area where we can build or have fun with the water. 

Maths and Phonics are really important for us so we have these lessons every day along with lots of stories to help us develop our writing and our love of reading. We also enjoy Forest School, Music with specialist teachers and French. 


Hello! We are the Owls class
and the children in our class are in Year 3 and Year 4

We have plenty of adults to help us learn, Ms Munday, Mrs Chapman, Mrs Oberholzer, Mrs Williams and Mrs Stephens.

Our days in school give us many opportunities to develop our reading and writing skills which we can then put to use across the curriculum!

We have taken time to discuss what we think is important to make our classroom and school a great place to learn.

We've decided that being respectful, being kind, being responsible, working as a team, trying our best and having fun are the most important! 

Learning is fun here and we love it!

Red Kites

Hello! We’re the Red Kites. We’re Year 5 and 6 and therefore the oldest in the school.

We have an outdoor area that we can use for learning and at break and lunchtimes we use it as a quieter space to play in. There are  three adults in the class to help us: Miss Oram, Mrs Chrimes and Mrs Wilson. 

Each day we do a variety of different subjects including Reading, Writing, Maths, Science, Computing, R.E., and Art. On Tuesdays and Fridays we do P.E.

At the beginning of the school year, Red Kites go on a trip to Culmington Manor in Shropshire. We also compete in county tournaments such as: tag rugby, football, netball, and archery .

In our class we have: House Captains, Shadow Captains, Eco Warriors, Digital Leaders, an Arts Captain, a Play Captain, a Sports Captain, a Wellbeing Champion as well as Worship Leaders!

All Year 6 children have to sit SATs to demonstrate all our knowledge we've learnt throughout  the years. We are well-prepared and ready by the time we reach the end of Year 6.