Fri 23rd Feb

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Breathe in through your nose, and out through your mouth....

We started our Yoga session this week with a 'square breathing' technique to calm and relax our minds and bodies.

Our positive mindset movement sequence challenged our body control, strength and movement alongside our positive affirmations being voiced.

'Squish the fish' from Cosmic Yoga gave our story base for our yoga challenges. What fantastic participation from everyone!

I wonder what the Yoga story will be next week...

This term's Art & Design focus is sketching and 'portraits' and today we explored;

1) What makes good sketching?

"pencil & paper, freehand, shapes, lines (tickling the page), shade"

2) What is a portrait?

"An image of a person or animal"

3) Why would someone want the portrait drawn or painted?

"So others know what they look like"

"Have a portrait instead of a photo"

4) Who was a famous portrait painter in Tudor times?

"Hans Holbein the younger"