29th Sept

29 Sep 23

This week Owls have been developing their fundamental sports skills - the basics for any sports we then play!

We started with balance, then changing speed and this week our focus was agility - changing body position quickly.

A competitive edge to our activities also encouraged us to move with speed and accuracy! 

Owls- Why not have a game of 'rats and rabbits' with someone at home? 

Rats and Rabbits game explanation

We were able to link in with the BBC 500 words live lesson on Wednesday to introduce us to the short story writing competition!

You can take a look at the information here...

BBC 500 words 2023

We have started to think about the main character and opening for our original stories. We want to make our stories exciting and enjoyable for our readers. Next we'll be continuing our planning, then writing our short stories and finally typing them up ready to submit and enter the competition!

Roman mosaics and the work of Antoni Gaudi is inspiring our Art this term. This week we were challenged to recreate a piece of one of Gaudi's mosaic, that are still in Barcelona for people to visit. We soon realised it was important to plan the mosaic design first, and that we needed to take our time to prepare, position and fix each 'tile' in the the image we were creating! 

Finally we've used some more great interactive activities to support our place value knowledge, understanding and reasoning....

*Place value charts

*Starship Sten

*Coins game