26th Jan

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What a day!

Packed with learning, new experiences, laughter, team work, challenge and fun!

Well done Owls for embracing the whole Ufton Court Tudor experience.

We were welcomed in to the barn by Matt of Ufton, who guided us through our busy day.

We began in the Ufton farm with the pigs, goat, sheep and chickens.

Our challenged included grain grinding, thread making, animal milking and wattling.

Next we were guided to the attic of the house to collect our Tudor clothing!

Once we were dressed for the occasion the Tudor banquet began!

With tasty food, creative dancing and shared jokes keeping us all entertained.

Our group dancing skills were then put to the test, what fantastic team work!

Tudor compliments, and insults, were then then tried out!

After changing out of our costumes we were then challenged to make our own writing quills, and ink. We were able to use various natural ingredient to make different colours of ink.

With just willow and string we were guided through the steps to make our very own bows and arrows.

However, the biggest challenge of our resilience was then trying to learn the skills to successfully fire the arrows!

Finally the Tudor artefacts challenged our thinking skills to bring a close to the day.

What did each item do?

Why would the Tudors have had them in their homes?

Some object were very unusual...

We then bid farewell to Ufton Court with comments like...

"This was the best day ever!"

"Can we come back next year?"

What a day!