22nd Sept

It's been another busy week in Owls. We are all settling into our new routines and learning to work well with our new groups in class.

It's been great to hear lots of children reading this week, as a class, in groups and individually.

A 'Supermover' has reminded us to read with expression...

* Reading aloud Supermover *

Terrific trumpets!!

How exciting to experience a whole class music lesson, with an instrument for each child to explore...

Our place value Maths learning has also been thinking about money this week.

We've identified the value of coins, added amounts together using place value to help us and then recorded the totals - remembering to use £ pound sign, a decimal point to mark between pounds and pence and p for pence when needed. Have a go at the skills learnt this week with the coins game (counting any 4 or 6 coins).

* coins game *

As promised, as selection of our information posters from last week about 'Pompeii'...

I'm looking forward to meeting parents and carers (with your children too if they would like to join us!) over the next week or so during our parent teacher appointments.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.