19th Jan

What a chilly week!

Well done everyone for wrapping up warm and embracing the winter weather.

We've kept ourselves busy through the week reading more of our class text, 'The secret Diary of Thomas Snoop. Tudor Boy Spy' and using our understanding of measurement and calculation to work out shape perimeters.

Our Science learning challenged us to consider how we could group and classify living things, and then specifically plants We though of grouping linked to edible and non-edible, flowering and non-flowering and then thought about plant types like trees and grasses too. 


Our cooking and nutrition project this term kicked off with a taste test research session.

We had various ingredients to taste, describe and give opinion on when used in a quiche.

From the unsure thoughts and comments at the start of the session, to the end results from some of,



"I really love quiche!"

It was quite a turn around!

Stay warm and have a restful weekend everyone.

Looking forward to our Ufton Court Tudor experience day next Friday!