17th Nov

17 Nov 23

Do you know how important positive self talk is?

Owls do!

We took some time this week to think about how important is is to be kind to ourselves as well as others.

We are going to try hard to use words of encouragement to ourselves, like;

"I will try my best."

"I am amazing."

"Making a mistake isn't a problem, I can learn from it."

We thought about positive places, people and things around us and asked our friends for words they would use to describe us, and the responses brought many smiles to faces...


Have another look at the self-belief 'Super Mover'...

We are continuing to develop our calculating skills, also ensuring we revise what we already know about place value and number facts. Our challenge number this week was... 36.

We partitioned,

we represented as bar models, part whole models, base 10,

we calculated with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division!

Fantastic thinking that then supports our number knowledge an fact recall when we need it!