Hello! We are the Owls class and the children in our class are 6,7,8 and some are nearly 9.

We have 3 grown ups to help us learn. We have an amazing phonics teacher and she helps some of us every day so we can get better at reading and writing.

We know that the people who come in to help us are safe because we trust that Mrs Goodrich and the governors keep us safe at school. If a visitor isn't wearing a badge we ask them who they are and tell a teacher.

Our school teaches us Forest skills. We take it in turns to go outside once a week for the afternoon to learn how to look after ourselves in the forest. We learn how to climb trees, make camp fires and look after the wildlife. We talk a lot about what we do and work in teams. 

Friday is music day and we can play trumpets and violins and we also have a lot of sport in the timetable every week.

Learning is fun here and we love it!

Take a look at our curriculum map. You can view it HERE. 

This is the Owls Class photo gallery.